Elisa Epstein MPH, RD, LD/N

here to help you and your company get into shape!

About Elisa Epstein

Elisa Epstein, MPH, RD, LDN is a registered, licensed dietitian in the state of Florida.  She holds a Master of Public Health (MPH) in Maternal and Child Health from George Washington University and a BS in Food and Nutrition Studies from New York University.  

Elisa Epstein currently practices as a clinical dietitian in Broward County, working with a wide range of patients from children to seniors, many with multiple diseases, including those with severe obesity and resulting co-morbidities.  She also serves as a consultant to fellow health care providers including nurses, physicians, and pharmacists, as well as a consultant to wellness and drug rehabilitation programs.  She has been a guest speaker to associations, large companies, and many community health centers.   Elisa Epstein has a culinary background, including work at Mark’s Las Olas, Pier 60 Catering, Oggi Gourmet, and Prince Street Catering. 


She was selected as one of 3 finalists for the Up and Comer Awards from South Florida Business and Wealth Magazine (SFBW) 2016

FoodMetrX will provide the nutrient analysis in an Excel spreadsheet for you in a convenient and easy-to-understand manner. We are able to advise you in the presentation of this data for your customers to make the decision-making process as smooth and uncomplicated as possible.



About our Nutrition Consulting Services

Menu Labeling and the information it contains is perhaps the most essential part of what determines your customers food preferences. Knowing this, today’s customers are better informed and much more particular regarding their food choices. Menu labeling enables them to know what is in their food, assuring them that their selection will best fit their dietary needs, interests or lifestyles.

As many of your patrons are seeking specific dietary goals, FoodMetrX can help you can accommodate them by offering menu suggestions and selections that are attentive to the needs to those with specific dietary interests, needs, and restrictions. At the same time, making a delicious while nutritionally sound product is top on the minds of you and your chefs. Put FoodMetrX to work and I will help you spotlight the nutrition goals for you and your patrons.

Using, internationally recognized software, FoodMetrX will analyze your recipes. Our database includes over 30,000 food items. This analysis will include quantification of:

  • Calories in total and Calories from fat

  • Total fat, Trans fat, and Saturated fat

  • Cholesterol and Sodium

  • Total Carbohydrates, Sugar, and Dietary Fiber

  • Protein

  • Macronutrients